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At this point the whole world seems to be on standby… However, that doesn’t mean that our health is! Social media has been a wonderful tool to get great ideas for home workouts and great motivation. Regardless of surrounding circumstances, your body will always be your responsibility, nobody else’s. Continue reading


I can truthfully say I’ve tried all types of diets and types of nutrition… From keto, to paleo, to vegetarian etc…

Bottom line, all of them are great if you can stick to it! Nutrition is truly the most important factor for your health, not how long you work out at the gym. However, what tops it all in true importance is dedication!!! Continue reading

OCB Gateway City Classic July 11th

Saturday July 17th, 2021

Clayton High School Auditorium 1 Mark Twain Circle Saint Louis MO 63105

12:00 pm (event will run straight through with a 30-minute intermission after group comparisons and before individual presentations/awards). Continue reading

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