Romans 6:1-2 (NLV)  What does this mean? Are we to keep on sinning so that God will give us more of His loving-favor? No, not at all! We are dead to sin. How then can we keep on living in sin?

Peer pressure in today’s society is definitely a very sad reality. So often people excuse their choices by using “in today’s day” it’s just different, or they simply abuse God’s grace and mercy… Is that what scripture says to do? Surely not!

Once Christ has entered our hearts and we’ve surrendered to Him, purposely sinning should be breaking our hearts. Will we be forgiven if we repent? Of course we will, but we still have to own up to the consequences that will follow… Would we ever want for God to distance Himself from us? We sure don’t once we’ve experienced what it means to live for Him and with Him by our side.

We will never be faultless until the day of Christ’s return, which is why we need God! Until then, continuously choose to be a beautiful example to everyone around you. The holiness and joy that this choice exudes can’t be ignored. It’s tangible. So stand strong in your choice regardless of the temptation that’s placed in front of you. Your holiness is infectious!