Psalm 119:139 (TPT) I’ve been consumed with a furious passion to do what’s right, all because of the way my enemies disrespect your laws.

You may feel like you want to scream your frustration from the rooftop toward the ones who don’t care to fully obey or simply, to respect the God Almighty. The Father loves your zeal for Him but don’t get discouraged when other’s aren’t ready or mature enough yet to see Him or love Him as you do. It’s important to allow Him to refine your passion so you don’t cause unintentional hurt.

Believe and trust that you are who HE has called you to be. Your zeal is beautiful to Him, so be unashamed and refuse to hold back out of concern that others might see you as extreme. Trust that you can hear His voice and the direction He’s guiding you to walk on. And be sure to have compassion and grace for those who may not understand the way you are wired knowing they just haven’t been made the same way, so they may simply not understand the way you’ve been designed.

And finally, be mindful to yield to God’s perfect timing and not try to rush it because of the passion you may feel.

Psalm 78:38 (TPT) But amazingly, God—so full of compassion—still forgave them. He covered over their sins with his love, refusing to destroy them all. Over and over he held back his anger, restraining wrath to show them mercy.