Trust MY Process

Psalm 56:3 (VOICE) When struck by fear, I let go, depending securely upon You alone.

When dying a silk, the process from beginning to end doesn’t quite indicate the final result. When dye is being placed on the silk it spreads in a way we can’t fully control. It spreads as much or as little as it wills. All we can control is where we place it at first. Once the silk is washed it still doesn’t look what we hoped it would when you have something particular in mind.

However, once the silk is dried and I look at it, it takes my breath away by it’s unique unexpected beauty!

The same goes for every step we take in our life and the journey God has planned for us. Trust HIS progress to be perfect in the meantime even when you can’t see the end result or think it will come out wrong. There’s no¬† true wrong when your heart is anchored in HIM. Even when we make a wrong turn HE uses it all to teach us something and then reroutes us back on the path we’re supposed to be on. We will never comprehend HIS process and that’s ok because HE is God and HE is sovereign. Simply trust HIM to make it so because HE’s never wrong!


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  1. Learning to let go!!! Love this!

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